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November 17, 2008



Mummification turning your dog into a dioamnd? This all seems way too weird and expensive to me. The essence of any being is its soul, not the body. Yet companies have figured out a way to tug at both our heart strings and purse strings to get us to part with cash for something that matters very little a dead body an empty vessel. When the time comes, for animal or human, we are more fixated on death than the afterlife. Why? Are we trying to assuage guilt for not fully celebrating the life when it was in our lives?Here's one of the best ways I've heard of disposing of a pet's body. My friend dug a hole in the ground of his yard, put his dog in the hole, and planted a tree on top of it. The decaying remains serve as food for the growing sapling. Death begets life.


it's funny that you mention the tree thing. That's what my Dad wants, srieously.I'm of the opinion that it's just a body and when you're dead, that's it. With the Boomer Generation coming to and end, memorial companies are cashing in big time. I'll be happy enough burying Jersey on the farm and having a nice picture of her to look at.

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