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October 25, 2008


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I'll give this book 3 stars out of charity, and basuece it may succeed as a work of popular history; indeed, most readers will be satisfied with it.I can't write an exhaustive review, basuece I quit reading at p.32,when Crowley says that the Ottomans ruled their subjects with a light hand. . . . No attempts were made to convert Christians . . . etc. Ask anyone who's lived under Ottoman rule,if you can still find one of these venerable folk, or talk to their descendants. You'll get a different picture of the situation. Crowley himself describes some of the horrors of the siege, inflicted by these tolerant Muslims.It is true that some Ottoman officials developed a liberal laissez-faire attitude toward the Christians either out of Levantine indolence or practical intelligence: why harass honest and industrious people? Plus, they pay taxes through the nose. And even Sultan Mehmed II was lenient towards the Christians once he had established his rule. Still, the many horrors remain.If I'd been at home while reading this book, I would have thrown it across the room. As it was, I was in the car and merely commented on the nonsense to my companions.Gentle reader, if you really want to learn about the Fall of Constaninople, read Runciman, or Sir Edwin Pears, if you can find his book. Also, the translations of the chronicles of the time.

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