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December 13, 2007


Jack Holly

Congratulations on the great article in Time magazine, John!!

Mr. Ancient

Nice. Thanks for alerting me to this article! Continued success.


You put the lime in the coocunt and drink the article up.


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I completely agree with all your reuattbls. My soapbox lately is reminding people just how important trusted relationships are. Your ROI might be measured in conversions or dollars and cents, but the fact is those conversions have to be relationships FIRST. And, if the relationships are only as good as a conversion, you might want to think about the longevity of how you're measuring your ROI.


Great job Carl!! And to everyone who is siayng that Carl should have been black flagged for the wreck in turn 2 well, he isnt the only one who has wrecked somebody like that. Hello Kyle Busch wrecks people almost all the time.. What about Robby Gordon? He wrecks people on road courses a lot. Im not siayng its right but its racing.. Deal with it!!Great race, one of the best in my opinion.Carl is a really good driver and he deserved this win!!

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