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November 23, 2007



First of all the 1935 canadian cent sells for arunod $1 in grade extra fine. The 1935-S sells for $2.50 in that grade. Canadian coins actually are scarcer than most US coins but not all and sell for less. That is due to fewer collectors in Canada. In fact a large amount of Canadian coin collectors are Americans. I collect the Canadian colonial tokens as well as the coins from the Atlantic maritime's. One can get scarce Canadian coins at great prices but that is starting to change. One also has to learn which price guides are the closest to reality.


That's the million dolalr question. Unfortunately, everyone saves everything so nothing becomes rare, and so they don't increase in value. If you want something fun, just collect what you like but don't expect to make money. If you want it to earn money, how about savings bonds? You get them at the bank for $50.00, and then they earn interest every year for 30 years..

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