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June 17, 2006



kingpossum, I am the one who requested the album, with almsot exactly the same motives with you ;) (plus, I'm somewhat a completist, and this was the only missing -golden era- Brainticket album in my mp3 collection! Now it's time for Alchemic Universe ;) )niamor izrut, is there a place where I can find Joel Vandroobenbroeck's solo stuff? (i.e. in blogs, in downloadable format ;) ) The only piece I found so far is Images of Flute in Nature in Lost in Tyme (still haven't DL'ed!)and last, but not least, thank you mahood for this interesting piece! The music is very similar to Voyage (which I had for two or more years), just as I read previously in various reviews... Yet, it's a part of Brainticket discography, no matter how far it is from the "freakout krautrock" sound of the first 3 albums! So, thanks again for sharing this rarity with us! (btw, I really liked Voyage as well, and I suppose I will like this one too!)

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