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December 13, 2004



simply a question; can anyone advise me on Zahi Hawass' address? Not an email address but an 'old fashioned' mail address? Thank you

John Ambrose

When he is not granting interviews or taping TV specials, you can reach the photogenic Mr. Hawass at:

Supreme Council of Antiquities
3 Al-Adel Bakr St
[email protected]


My question is: who was it bouhgt from? This is what a lot of repatriation issues hang on, although they are much more complicated for nation-to-nation repatriation than it is for domestic issues, such as those that NAGPRA deals with. I have taken numerous classes about First Nations peoples and repatriation issues are always huge. What has always intrigued me was where the line is drawn between something being “stolen” and “legally” bouhgt. Whose job is it to decide what artifacts can be “legally” bouhgt and sold? I know many people who argue that artifacts belong to the people or cultures that they were created by. In this case, that would mean that they belong to the Egyptian people- so whose “job” would it be to decide whether or not something could be bouhgt or sold. On the flip side of that issue is the discussion of whether or not these artifacts belong to the Egyptian people or to the world. In America, First Nations cases are a bit more cut and dry because often there are cultural ties back to the object in question. Groups can claim a direct connection. However, in Egypt, there seems to be much less of a direct cultural tie to ancient Dynastic artifacts. Modern Egyptians just happen to occupy the same place as Ancient Egyptians but have no distinct ties to the artifacts and therefore the artifacts don’t belong to the people of Egypt, but rather to the world as many cultures have ties to this ancient great civilization. Also as a side note, is Egypt stable enough right now to have these objects returned?I am interested in following this story. Thank you for posting it.

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